Business Process Improvement

I just read another blog this morning and felt compelled to respond.  Take a look at Dave's Post and here is my response. I'd love to hear from you too.


What a great post.  In my company, I teach our business process improvement course and have your exact philosophy.  It isn't the pretty picture that is important.  It is the thought process that each worker needs to have in order to effectively improve a process.

I am frustrated constantly when organizations want the "buzz" word class.  They want "lean", or "six sigma" or back when I started my career "TQM", thinking that there are tools that can be used to make their organization more effective.

The reality is that it is the culture that needs to change and that the organization MUST be committed to continual business process improvement.  It's not sexy like these other words, but business process improvement is at the core of all these buzz words.

Imagine a world where each worker says "hmmm, if I change my process, who else downstream would be impacted, and would it improve the overall process or hurt it?"
Great post Dave.