What is Sustainable Innovation?

Why do some organizations innovate while others stagnate?  Often small organizations excel at launching new products and innovate quickly.  However, as organizations increase in size, maintaining that creativity becomes more difficult. 

Consider companies that have been seen as great innovators like Facebook or Apple.  Didthey go through a period of challenge?  They sure did.  Do you remember facebook email?Or camera?  Probably not.. Innovation is the introduction of something new, or the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.  Innovation does not mean that the new ideas were successful from a financial standpoint.  However organizations that cannot turn these new ideas into something of value for the organization will fail.

Do you consider your own organization to be innovative? What makes a company innovative and should your company be innovative?  How can your organization sustain innovation? 

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We will learn some of the barriers to innovation and how your organization can increase it’s innovation maturity.

Be ready to answer these questions:

  1. How will you rate your company's overall innovation maturity?
  2. What is the primary pain point in managing your product portfolio?
  3. In the industry you are in, what is the greatest risk when managing a product portfolio for your company?

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Diane Buckley-Altwies