Are you an Entrepreneur with a great idea?

Small businesses are the financial engine of this country.  Entrepreneurs are the catalyst for change.  Creating and running your own business is the ultimate form of project management.  There are risks around every corner, and a critical path of activities that need to be performed if the business is going to survive.

If you've ever thought about starting your own business or you just have an interesting idea that you want to explore, take the time to see if there are organizations near you that can help.

As an alumni of the University of South Florida, I recently learned that USF started a Student Innovation Incubator.  What a great idea! It allows students with an idea to explore the viability of that idea with an amazing set of mentors.  This fall I will be one of those mentors.  If anyone listening is a USF student with an idea, check out and send in your application.  

For those of you that aren't USF students, I encourage you to reach out to your local educational institution and see what's available.  You may be able to find just what you need to make that idea a reality.