Closing is the End Game!

Anyone who has managed projects for a few years, can appreciate what it takes to "close" a project and obtain that elusive client sign-off.

This month's Advanced Topics webinar is about how some people can "get things done" while others seem to hold onto projects for way too long.

I equate the challenge of closing projects with that of closing a sale--unless you get that signature on the contract, you aren't succeeding.

A recent statistic by the Project Management Institute reported that over 45% of all strategic initiatives are not realized!  I would probably guess that most of that is due to delaying delivery of strategic initiatives.  Think about it this way.  If you have a new product that you want to get to market and you miss delivering it to the market by 1 month, how much lost revenue did you just experience?  Or think of it this way.  If you are delivering software to a client and the target go live date is June 30th and you don't go live for 2 months after the initial date, your company will not see the revenues for this project in the 2nd quarter as expected.  

Think about what happens in your organization today and let's discuss on August 27th about ways we can help improve the delivery of strategic projects and GET THINGS DONE!!

You'll learn the reasons why closing projects is hard and some techniques that you can use to increase your successes.