Are you ready to teach?

You know that teaching a project management course could be the key to advancing both your career and the careers of those you teach. Teaching can be a positive and invaluable experience for you and allow you to give back to the profession you love.

In a recent survey, Core Performance Concepts students identified two key factors that are critical to course quality—the experience of the instructor and that instructor’s ability to facilitate the course.  What this means is that to deliver a quality course, the instructor should focus more on how they deliver the program and less on creating the content for the course.

Let’s look at a few statistics.  Based on a study by the ChapmanAlliance, creating 1 hour of quality instructor-led content takes over 40 hours of effort and nearly $6000. ( If you are asked to create a course for your customer or organization, is this where you want to spend your time?  There is a better way.

Core Performance Concepts has the proven curriculum that allows you to quickly and easily provide the content necessary, so YOU can spend your valuable time preparing to facilitate an EXCELLENT program.

Still not convinced? Complete this simple calculation to see how much you might be spending to design your next course:

Save development time by selecting from expert-designed proven curricula that enables you to offer new programs easily. Whether you are a University, corporation, independent training company, or individual, partnering with CPC provides you the materials you need at a cost you can afford.

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