The High Cost of Poor Communication

This week during our free webinars we have been discussing the value of using the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in gaining commitment from our customers. 

We polled our audience to see what their concerns are, and much of the feedback had to do with convincing management and/or the customer, that the development of a comprehensive WBS is worth the effort.  If you believe that the primary job of a project manager is communication, then the WBS is a critical communication tool, outlining the deliverables of the project and ensuring that the customer understands the work necessary to deliver on the goals and objectives of the project.

Read this report , It highlights that for every $1 billion dollars spent on projects, nearly $75 million is wasted due to poor communication.  So this basically means that if you have a project valued at $100,000, then $7,500 will be wasted out of the gate for miss communications.  Can you afford this?

The WBS gives us an opportunity early on in the project and throughout the execution phases to ensure that the entire team understands the deliverables and any sub-components of those deliverables.  Consider it your blue-print for the project.  Would you build a house without a comprehensive blue-print? and if you did, how would that house turn out?