Prison costs


Today was not like ANY other.  Today I got to see, first hand, the benefit our programs bring to individuals, to companies and to society at large.

Did you know that it costs an average of $78.95 per day to keep an inmate locked up which is more than 20 times the cost of a day on probation?

Did you know that over 40% of all inmates released, nationally, return to prison within 3 years.  If we could reduce the recidivism rates by just 10 percent nationally, we could save more than $635 million in averted prison costs in one year alone!

January of this year, we, Core Performance Concepts, embarked on a venture with a California prison to bring a comprehensive program which included a focus on the inmate "psychi" (how they think that got them here) along with project management curriculum, providing them marketable skills that can help them succeed.  The program is planned for 10 months and our first graduates will be heading out to the workforce soon.  

I met six men today and could not have been more proud.  They were all highly intelligent, articulate and very committed to what they were doing.  The topic this week was on Communication and we had such a great dialog around how to communicate in a business setting and how to strategize on your communication depending upon the stakeholder analysis that was developed.  All of them know that they made mistakes and are learning how to stop the cycle and make good strategic decisions about their actions and their lives.

One gentleman is scheduled to be released in the next month after 16 years of incarceration.  He was nervous and excited at the same time. Through this program, he has come to realize that how he was thinking before wasn't an appropriate way to think in our society today.  He has a job lined up and wanted to know if it is ok to "volunteer" for projects when he starts his job.  What these guys need is confidence that they CAN earn a good living without having to resort to crime.   We are giving them the tools to succeed.

Three others will be paroled within the next 4 months and I can't wait to hear how they are doing.  What an amazing transformation to see!