Thanks for your online situational questions. I took over 2500 of them and passed the PMP exam yesterday. Best, John Millen

Thank you so much!
I truly enjoyed the class. You shared invaluable knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm about LSS. I have already created a charter for another project at work that was approved and will roll out full speed after New Year
. Happy Holidays!

Dr. Silvana Ianinska, Senior Data Strategist, Department of Planning and Performance Management, School District of Manatee County, FL

This was an excellent hands on training program that is dynamic in the way that it was presented, allowing trainees to grasp all of the essential key Project Management practices effectively and with ease. This course has helped me strengthen the project management skills needed in our growing industry. Overall, I'm very glad I had the opportunity to attend. I.I.

The Effective Project Management training course was a phenomenal experience for so many reasons! The content coupled with such a dynamic facilitator made each session so much more engaging. To learn how to conduct a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and identify risks will alter how I carry out my projects with a greater degree of effectiveness and efficiency. I’m so appreciative to have had the opportunity to gain this knowledge and develop as an employee. A.P.

I thought the EPM Training was a very well taught class. I feel like the class was well balanced with lecture, small group brainstorming and fun interactive challenges. My favorite by far was the silent note passing challenge. Although frustrated at the time, I loved seeing how everything worked and how it represents the structure of communication in Project Management. I also appreciated how the instructor picked our groups--very fun and inventive. The small group brainstorming and the lecture will definitely help with my own Project Management career. I loved that each group worked together for one project (even if it wasn’t their own) and all had a common goal of making the best out of that project. Overall it was an extremely motivating class, I definitely recommend it to those who would like to lead a group toward a successful project. A.H.

Stetson University has been utilizing Core Performance Concepts to provide our Project Management training and consistently receive outstanding comments from our students. I have met all the professionals teaching in our programs and they bring real world experience to the classroom. - Bill O’Connor, Director of Continuing Education

Partnering with Core Performance Concepts has provided Brandman University’s School of Extended Education with exceptional subject matter experts and a trusted resource for course development and instruction.  Thank you CPC! - Nancy Salzman - Dean, School of Extended Education

I had to personally let you know that I took some useful concepts out of that class that will help on my next project.
I came there with many years experience, but I learned two things that I never really considered

1.  I'm actually doing a really good job in my current project for the past 4 1/2 years. I was surprised that even the book listed attributes and traits that I use all the time like breathing.
I never take credit, so I just do the work.
2. I have gotten weak in my text based content documentation over the years, too much on the fly operating off a basic strategic plan and not documenting the details of all the changes I make.
Thank you for sharing your experience from the larger enterprise type projects. It made me see that in the long term, you can't just have flow charts. You need to actually provide descriptive notes for the client users.
All the best, Gary A. Hendrickson, CDIA, ECM PROJECT MANAGER USF Health Paperfree


After completing online PMP courses I wanted further access to simulated exam questions.  I evaluated several resources and chose Achieve PMP Exam Success with the online question bank.  While taking the exam it became evident this decision was paying off.  I will never regret purchasing this resource.  Whether supplementing other courses or using as a stand-alone guide, I wholeheartedly recommend others utilize this valuable tool. Best regards, Chris Warren

“...It worked very well, stable and fast. I did not take the full exam due to time constraints. A good practice in a online environment similar to the real PMPexam, which helped me pass the real exam today by the way... :-) Thank very much! Regards, Odilia Kunne


I wanted to say “thank you” for all the time and effort you and your teams spend putting together and hosting these webinars.  Along with increasing my general knowledge, I always find one good tidbit of information in each one that I can almost put to practical and immediate use (today’s was the “task” that is really a project).  I’m a “rookie” PMP (attained certification in Dec 2013) and these webinars give me a lot of useful knowledge to go behind all of the technical info in the PMBOK. Thanks again, Robert Irvin, PMP, Manager, North America Regional Projects, Distributed Coverage & Capacity Solutions Group

Thank you for all the wonderful Webinars that your company provides.  I find them both educating and have much respect for the speakers you bring in.  Warmest regards, Susie Morris
Senior Project Coordinator, Facilities Department, Glidewell Laboratories, Irvine, CA.

This was an extremely good webinar! The speaker was motivational, interesting and had a wealth of experience to share. She told it "like it is" with a compelling presentation deck." Linda Gilfert, Senior Manager - Business Process Management, Johnson Controls 

I enjoyed the Webinar yesterday. The topic was a great choice as was the speaker. Cost estimating is never easy! It was good to hear not only what the speaker offered but also the feedback from the other attendees. As a result of attending, I feel better prepared to estimate project costs. Hugh J. Kelsey, MA, MLS, PMP U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your webinar the other day.   I used to work at a Japanese automotive manufacturer in Tokyo, NY, and then LA and the comments you made about virtual teams were spot on.
I know Diane Altwies from having worked with her as a volunteer for the PMI-OC PMP/CAPM Exam Prep Workshop under Dan Healey, the Director of Education.    We used CPC materials for our workshops, and after I moved to Chicago from LA this summer, I decided to keep up with what Diane is doing by listening to her informative webinars.  I enjoyed yours so much I did a blog post on it for my blog on project management, 4squareviews.   I've listed the link below, and will reference your work in the local LinkedIn Group, PMI-Chicagoland.


Although your focus was IT, much of what you said was very relevant to the manufacturing arena.   Having worked in a Japanese work environment, an American work environment, and a mixed Japanese-American environment, the ability to transfer engineering knowledge to non-engineers in a changing cultural environmental is a challenging exercise in making sure the message is not "lost in translation."   I think the pointers you gave on Wednesday were EXCELLENT advice and I hope your company gains more traffic through the exposure at Diane Altwies' "Fundamental Series" of webinars! Jerome Rowley, CAPM