PMI® Chapter Programs

Provide added value to your chapter members by giving them project management and leadership training that they can use now. CPC's PMI® Chapter project management training programs teach the principles and standards outlined by the Project Management Institute and give professionals real-world contexts in which to study, practice, and apply what they learn.

Use CPC's licensed PMP preparation materials or over 80 other project management and leadership courses offered to increase your chapter's outreach to its members.  With over 480,000 PMP's world-wide, there is a significant demand for quality courses that qualify for professional development units (PDUs).

CPC offers true turnkey courses and solutions that you can use immediately to offer outstanding project management training.

  • A true turnkey solution. We've done the work of creating materials so you can concentrate on providing personal development benefits to your members.
  • Cost effective and easy way for your organization to raise money. Deliver or resell our products and retain a percentage of the profits.
  • CPC materials are the best out there, and they can be used to offer instructor-led, online, and blended courses.
  • Results-oriented: Your members will benefit from case studies, examples, and exercises that are current and relevant so they'll be able to take what they learn in training and apply it immediately to their work.

You know that organizations and individuals who embrace project management become leaders and get the best results. Provide quality instruction about how to do this and watch your membership grow in numbers—and gratitude!

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