One Book -- 3 Products

An Introduction to Project Management

Our customers who want to learn how to be a "great" project manager, don't just want a certification--they want to really learn what it takes to be successful as a project manager.

Filled with examples and templates, this book goes beyond just helping you study for a test.  It is a desk resource for any project manager.

A CAPM Study Guide

Once you learn the basics of being a project manager, you could be well on your way to becoming a certified professional--CAPM® Exam Success is on your horizon.

Use this book as you grow and improve and you'll be ready to sit for this exam once you meet the qualifications spelled out by the Project Management Institute.  Click here to obtain the CAPM Handbook.

An On-line Testing Center Access

As you study for the CAPM Exam, you will want to take practice tests.  Our textbook comes with 45 days access to our best selling testing center.