Five Keys to Managing any Project

Course overview:

Projects are all around us—at our work, at our home and in our everyday life. Whether you are managing a large software implementation to planning a wedding for your children, all of us manage projects or participates in projects.

Organizations today, as well as life, are full of projects to be completed. Not everyone will want to be a professional project manager, or will have the opportunity to lead a large project during their career. However EVERYONE will be responsible for a project of their own, whether it be planning for college, or planning to remodel a house. We all lead projects all the time.

This course gives the everyday person five fundamental concepts that are critical to success in any project of any size.

Intended audience:

The course is intended for people of all careers, disciplines and interest. The skills learned here are life-long skills that are valuable today and every day. Learn to be more effective in what you do and achieve the goals you want to achieve.


1-day, instructor-led

This program can be delivered in an accelerated 1-day format highlighting each of the 5 keys, their importance and simple ways to change behavior to experience project success. Students will gain knowledge on the value of each skill and demonstrate their understanding of applying each tool.

2-day, instructor-led

The 2-day format allows for greater understanding and adoption of each tool. Students will work in teams on exercises and case studies, improving their understanding and ability to apply concepts in a variety of settings. For groups that attend the program, exercises can be tailored to support application in a targeted environment.


The Project Charter, Project Stakeholders & Communication, the Project Schedule, Status Reports and Meetings, Managing Risks & Issues.

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