This "on-line" course is designed to completely cover the fundamentals of managing projects. It introduces participants to more complex topics in project management while it deepens their understanding of planning and controlling processes. Participants discover concepts, tools and ways to manage projects to achieve positive outcomes. They apply these principles and techniques to sample projects and create links to their own projects. There is no prerequisite and you can work at your own pace.
The full course is comprised of eight modules:

  • Project Management Overview
  • Starting the Project
  • Project Planning Basics
  • Project Estimating and Risk
  • Developing Project Schedules
  • Project Stakeholder and Communication Planning
  • Leading the Project
  • Monitoring, Controlling and Closing Projects

In this course participants will:

  • Create a scope statement and measurable project outcomes
  • Develop a work breakdown structure of project tasks
  • Identify key stakeholders and resource requirements
  • Create accountabilities across function
  • Build a network diagram
  • Develop time and cost estimates and calendar-based schedules
  • Evaluate and plan for risk
  • Create a plan to meet communication needs
  • Use project baselines and milestones to monitor and control projects
  • Close out the project and conduct a post project review

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 (24 PDUs)

This course aligns with our 3-day Effective Project Management onsite course.  View our course overview